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Basics / FAQ Page
400 Scale Hangar - Basics Page

If you are new to collecting 1:400 scale aircraft models, you may find the following 'Frequently Asked Questions' helpful.

An introduction to the major manufacturers

AeroClassics - Click to visit their website!
In 1999, Andrew Klein saw a market gap in which classic aircraft models were lacking, he decided to make a model company not to compete with other brands, but to complement other models. Their early releases were decaled all metal models. Several of which were propliners. They were highly limited and cost more than regular releases. Today, Aeroclassics offers printed models that cost the same as other companies releases, and their quality is just has high as competitors - and in some cases better. They offer models like the Tupolev TU-154, the SE-210 Caravelle, the 707/720 series, the DC-3, DC-6 and more. If you're a retro airline fan, you should definitely have a look at their models.

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Dragon Wings - Click to visit their website!
Dragon Wings was the first company to ever make 1:400 scale commercial aircraft. They feature models made with a metal fuselage, plastic wings, tail and horizontal stabilizers. They also have highly detailed (and removable) landing gear.  Each model comes with a display stand and features a "Dragon Mileage" point stub on the box. The mileage stubs can be collected to redeem what is called the Dragon Mileage model (which is a different one every year.) They concentrate more on Asian liveries, but have a good number of models from around the world as well. And models released by the company named Jet-X, also use their moulds and factories.

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Gemini Jets - Click to visit their website!
Gemini Jets was the second company to make models in this scale. Their models are all metal and the landing gears are not as detailed as Dragon's are but are not prone to breaking and are not removable. Newer models have holes in the bottom for an optional metal stand (which is sold separately) and recently they have started making models without a tail seam near the back of the model. These have been dubbed 'Gemini Jets II' models. They concentrate more on North American liveries, but like Dragon Wings, have a good number of models from around the world.

Phoenix Models - Click to visit their website!
From the ashes of the company Tucano Line, rose Phoenix Models. Made in the same factory, but to a higher standard, Phoenix Models is fast becoming a major player in the hobby. Releasing mostly 'special schemed' models, PH uses former Tucano moulds and Gemini Jets moulds. Their runs are limited to 500 pieces or under.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Which manufactures make 1:400 scale aircraft models? A. The major companies are: Aeroclassics, BigBird400, Dragon Wings, Gemini Jets, Herpa Wings, Jet-X, Phoenix Models and Seattle Model Aircraft Co. There are also many 'white box' model brands, which release unlicensed models. Though most often these unlicensed models still use major brands moulds and printing - so expect the same quality, but a higher price.
Q. How big are these models? A. A visit to our model scale chart will answer your question. The page can be seen here: CLICK HERE.
Q. How much do 1:400 scale models cost? A. Dragon Wings cost between $14.00 U.S for a 737 to $30.00 U.S for an A380. Gemini Jets cost between $18.00 for a 737 to $25.00 U.S for a 747. And Aeroclassics cost between $25.00 U.S and $30.00 U.S. Other exclusive or limited releases, can go as high as $50.00 - $60.00
Q. How many units are made of each model? A. Most Dragon Wings and Gemini Jets models are limited to between 1000 to 2000 units.  But other manufactures like Aeroclassics, Jet-X, Phoenix and SMA vary between models (from 50 to 1500 units) but tend to hover around 500 units.
Q. How do you know if a model is rare? A. There is really no way of knowing if a model is rare when it first comes out. But if it is limited to less than 500 units, and a desirable livery there is a good chance the model will become rare at some point. If you own a model that you think is rare, either ask your local retailer or check the going price on eBay
Q. What are the websites for model manufactures? A. For Aeroclassics visit: www.aeroclassics.net, for Dragon Wings visit: www.dragon-models.com, for Gemini Jets visit: www.geminijets.com,  for Herpa visit: www.herpa.de, for  Phoenix Models, visit: www.phoenix-model.net
Q. Where can I find rare or sold-out models? A. It's not guaranteed, though many times, rare models are listed on: eBay.com. But be prepared to pay a "premium" price. Some online stores also have "rare models" sections.
Q. Which model company is the best? A. This is probably the most asked question by new collectors, but truly, there is no answer. It is best to try all the brands and see which you like the most, but also keep in mind that it's not best to stay with one brand as they all release wonderful models!
Q. Where can I buy these models? A. There are lots of retail and online stores around the world that sell diecast aircraft models, to see some of the reputable online retailers, check our Links Page.
Q. I have more questions! What can I do? A. Your best bet is to join our discussion forum. With more than 2000 members there, your questions can be easily answered!

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