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Thread: Be careful when selling on ebay!

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    Exclamation Be careful when selling on ebay!

    Be careful when selling on ebay!

    I sold an AeroClassics model few weeks ago to an user nicknamed danmarroquin (USA) and he claims he received the model broken (he just showed pictures of a model with the broken landing gear and elevator released). The problem is that he did not present photos of the damaged package (as he claims he received), saying that he had already thrown it away, and he refused to file a complaint with the USPS (I opened one at the Portuguese post office as soon as I received his message and ebay notice and I'm still waiting for response). In the same way that he claims that I sent a defective miniature, I can also believe that he received it intact and dropped it when he took it out of the blister.

    Since his word is against mine and there is no concrete evidence from either party, it would be fair for ebay to oblige me to refund 50% of the value (I even offered the buyer another Aeroclassics miniature from the same airline, but with a lower value, without any additional cost as compensation, or something similar to what he says he received broken by the half price), but ebay decided to give reason only to the buyer (even if he did not present the damaged package as proof).

    I totally lost confidence in ebay and closed all the listings I still had there (mostly postcards), and felt tremendously unfair that ebay took sides with only one of the sides, without reaching a compromise solution for both.

    Therefore, I advise them to be careful when selling on ebay and to think twice before closing deals with buyers they don't know.
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    I stopped selling on ebay, too many worries.

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    I sold 4 models on ebay and had problems in two sales. Never more.

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    I am pretty much done selling on ebay.

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