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Thread: P-8A Poseidon, 11SQN RAAF

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    P-8A Poseidon, 11SQN RAAF

    Well it looks like after some sort of server outage that the system has been resorted to an older back up. A bit poor that they did not have a more recent back up of the system (I work in IT and our systems are backed up daily).

    So here is a repost of my P-8 model.

    My 1/72 Welsh Models P-8A Poseidon in the markings of A47-007 of 11SQN, RAAF is not complete. The build consisted of scratch building the weapons bay, weapons mounting points on the wings and pylons, many of the ESM and AMS lumps and antennas. I also added various vent blow in doors and the sonobuoy tubes. I reshaped a lot of the kit supplied parts as well. Finally I added AGM-84 Harpoons from a Hasegawa weapons set and Mk48 Torpedoes from a Hasegawa P-3C Orion, they looked close enough to me to replicate the Mk54s the P-8 carries. Decals were from a custom sheet DekLs created by upsizing their 1/200 sheet and it was painted in mainly SMS lacquers. It is a bit rough in some parts but I have spent enough time on it and am calling it finished.


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    Great work. Thanks for posting

    Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars

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    I am reposting that this is truly great

    I did not know they had a bomb bay

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    Fantastic work!

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