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Thread: Google Maps 2020 image of Tehran Mehrabad International Airport

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    Google Maps 2020 image of Tehran Mehrabad International Airport

    Fascinating looking at the images from an aerial view, what a shame westerners can't spot there.

    Its rammed with stuff, and an air force base is attached. Loads of stuff is clearly stored.

    Overall I can see: -

    15 x Boeing 747s
    8 x IL76s
    1 x IL86/96
    14 x Boeing 707s
    12 x Boeing 727s OR Tu154s
    2 x A340s
    19 x A300s
    6 x AN72s
    14 x Fokker 100s

    Plus 737s, MD80s, loads of C130s, plus more modern uninteresting stuff.
    14 x Boeing 707s in 2020!! I don't think any fly, maybe occasional Air Force flights, but nearly all look pretty well intact.
    New AC Moulds wanted : Tu134, Tu114, An12, An22, An24, IL14, DC-8-21, 707-400, Caravelle 10.
    AC 707's wanted - Royal Jordanian, Air Zimbabwe, Dan Air, Tarom, Millon Air, Florida West, Skyworld, Azerbaijan Airlines, Qatar Govt, UAE Govt.
    AC B720B wanted - Air Malta, Aeronica
    AC DC-8 wanted - Air Spain, Seaboard World (srs 63)
    Caravelle - Syrian Air, Trans Europa
    IL76- Mahan Air
    IL18 - Tarom, Malev
    IL62 - Tarom

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    Most must be grounded, pretty sad

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    Like Philippe said, most are not airworthy. Most should have been scrapped years ago.

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