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Thread: Inflight200 OCTOBER 2020 RELEASES

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    Inflight200 OCTOBER 2020 RELEASES

    IF7420820P Boeing 747-200 Air India VT-EBO (with stand)

    IF310LV1020 Airbus A310-300 Aerolineas Argentinas F-OGYR (with stand)

    IF744NZ0820 Boeing 747-400 Air New Zealand (with stand)

    IF342SAA07 Airbus A340-211 South African Airways ZS-SLA (with stand)

    IF359TK0920 Airbus A350-941 Turkish Airlines TC-LGB (with stand)

    IF1011NE0920 L-1011-385-1 Tristar Northeast 3D-NEG

    IF73MDY1220 Boeing 737-8max Norwegian LN-BKB Mark Twain (with stand)

    IF321AS0720 Airbus A321-251NX AZUL PR-YJC

    IFVN41020 Airbus A321-271N Volaris N542VL

    IF722MEX03 Boeing 727-264ADV Mexican Air Force XC-MPF

    IF722OA0720 Boeing 727-200 (ADV) OLYMPIC SX-CBG (With Stand)

    IF721SAA04P Boeing 727-100 SOUTH AFRICAN ZS-SBG (With Stand)

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    Not much for me on this round...

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    Air India and the Air New Zealand I may have to buy but where to put them?

    Proud to be a; Honorary Aussie

    Paresh's Wish List;
    Air Pacific DC-10-30 ARRIVED
    Air Pacific B767-200/300
    Air Pacific B737-200/300/500/700
    Canadian Airlines A320 Goose. ARRIVED

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cpt.Canuck View Post
    Air India and the Air New Zealand I may have to buy but where to put them?
    That Air India is a must for you. Don't pull a Dave.


    Hoping for:
    Emery Worldwide B727-100 & B727-200 set.
    Western Pacific B737-300 (Stardust Casino)
    Worldways B727-100

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    Aerolineas Argentinas A310 and AZUL A321 already pre-ordered.
    And how about an Austral BAC 1-11 ?

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