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Thread: My little airplane...

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    My little airplane...

    Hey guys,

    Hope everyone had a great year and 2020 brings great things for them.

    This past year has been great for me. Two amazing things happen for me this past year, I landed a great job in an King Air 350 and I was able to buy my late fathers Little Cessna 172. This little airplane had tons of memories for me as a child, and when its owner contacted me and said he wanted to part with it, he gave me first chance at it to buy it. Thankfully, I was in position to buy it and so I wanted to share some pictures of it with you guys.

    Thanks for looking.

    Do we have any other pilots on the forum? If so, what do you fly?

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    What a great story.


    Hoping for:
    Emery Worldwide B727-100 & B727-200 set.
    Western Pacific B737-300 (Stardust Casino)
    Worldways B727-100

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    Congrats on the job and the C-172 my friend.

    Proud to be a; Honorary Aussie

    Paresh's Wish List;
    Air Pacific DC-10-30 ARRIVED
    Air Pacific B767-200/300
    Air Pacific B737-200/300/500/700
    Canadian Airlines A320 Goose. ARRIVED

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    Fantastic! Loved your story.
    Ummm....And how about an Austral BAC 1-11 and a PLUNA 707 delivery colors?

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    Thanks guys! It's going to be a great year.

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    Nice one, well done! Hope you can fly it for a long time and build even more memories

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