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Thread: Mini G's What If

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    Quote Originally Posted by cougar View Post
    That would be cool if you could do that. i enjoy seeing your creations, maybe it would be enjoyable for us to make one and dedicate it to you.

    That would be cooland I will start posting them up soon.

    What If?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mini groover View Post
    Thats okay Tim. Does anyone want me to teach you guys how to make What If's......

    I feel so puny now!!!
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    Mini G,

    I'm not sure if this thread has been abandoned, but I would like to say that I really like your work. If you ever come back and see this post, I would be VERY HAPPY if you could make me a Global Airlines (my own fictional airline) Boeing 747-200B, 707-320, 737-100 and -200 and Airbus A300? You can use your own creativity to think of the liveries. If I am asking for too much, just one of these will make me VERY HAPPY!!!


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