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02-23-2017, 03:16 PM
Greetings to all

This newsletter was sent to our subscribers today. For the benefit of others here is the full text.

I just wanted to put you all up to speed with the recent enhancements we made to our store;

Utmost to all we dealt with the irregular / unreliable newsletter deliveries. Since December we have been using the Mail Chimp newsletter delivery service and this has resulted in a delivery success rate of 99.7%. The 0.3% were either hard bounces (e-mail no longer valid) or soft bounces (temporarily over quota etc..) As such we reintroduced the sign up to our newsletter link on our front page at www.airplanereplicas.com and if you want to change the e-mail account that the newsletter is being sent to, you can sign up the new one on the front page and unsubscribe the old one when you get the next newsletter. For those of you who are new do not worry we will not flood you with newsletters. You will get on average 2 newsletters per month. On rare occasions maybe 3.

The second most important change we did back on July 1st 2016, we stopped using Canada Post as the exclusive delivery method. We now use 3 different delivery methods and they all come with a tracking service at no extra cost for you. So at all times we know exactly were a package is. Canadian shipment continue to go with Canada Post, All US shipments are via USPS First class or Priority service as the postal service deems appropriate depending on size / weight of box and destination originating from Champlain NY. All other countries are shipped in a combination DHL / Deutsche Post service. From Montreal via Toronto to Frankfurt is via DHL and from Frankfurt to ultimate destination via Deutsche Post registered package service. So as soon as your package clears your local customs service now you can track you mailing on your local Post office tracking service. You can see the details of these on our page https://www.airplanereplicas.com/shipping-costs.html

As such, we are now adding the track numbers and shipping dates on each shipment and you can see these on your account under order history and then view details. For US shipments please give 1 business day after the track number is posted to see the details on the USPS web site and for other countries between 3 or 4 business days as they only start showing the details once the item is processed in Toronto. For Canadian shipments you can see them immediately after posting.

Even though we do not put items up for sale as per-orders when announced by manufacturers, we do take pre orders without a request for payment via e-mail and many of you already ask us to do so. So for those of you not aware of this, you may try it. We will drop you a note confirming receipt of the model in question as soon as it lands at our door. Like that we avoid the hassles of collecting money and sometimes models take up to 6 months to be produced and every body gets testy as to the whereabouts of the model as payment has been made. A happy medium for all.

Contacting us now also can be done via SMS /text messages. I can answer any of you worldwide. Please allow me to sleep if you are on opposite ends and I will reply the next day. However if you want to reserve or pre-order a model I will ask you to confirm via e-mail as well.

The reset password is also functional and depending on traffic on the web page, response times can vary between 1 minutes to an hour. Some of you are bypassing this wait time by registering another e-mail account to place the order which is fine but then you end up forgetting the new password as well. The system does not show me what your passwords are so use something familiar to you that is not easily forgotten. You can also ask me to change your password (that I can do) and then you can modify it yourself.

Finally the comments we send you via e-mail when your order is completed are now also visible under your order history. So if you delete the e-mail or for one reason or another it is not delivered to you, it is also available under your order history section same as the track page.

We trust that these improvements make your shopping experience a bit more enjoyable and we thank you for your continued support since 1996 locally / E-bay and 2005 worldwide on-line.