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03-02-2008, 03:24 AM
Sorry guys for the late review, I am in the process of selling my house and moving, have had a few open for inspections taking place.

This one comes from the heart and this model is quite sentimental to me as my background is actually Polish.

Polskie Linie Lotnicze or LOT is the flag carrier of the counrty of Poland. Being established in 1929, LOT is one of the oldest airlines in the world.
LOT throughout it's many years of service has used many various types of aircraft. The carrier started with Junkers F.13 aircraft as well as some fokker light aircraft which were used on flights to Vienna and Bucharest and Berlin, Athens, Beirut, Helsinki, Rome.
Douglas DC-2, Lockheed L-10A Electra and L-14H Super Electra were also introduced for the ever growing carrier.
By the war, LOT carried 218,000 people.
During the communist era, AN-2s, AN-24s, IL-62s and TU-154s were used internationally and even across the Atlantic. A few Convair 240s were the only real Western aircraft used during these times.
Currently, LOT uses Boeing 737-300,-400,-500s and E-145 and 170/175s for routes across Europe and 767-200/300s for international service North America. ATR 42/72 are used for regional service.
LOT was the first European airline to order the 787 but is expected to place a large aircraft order for additional aircraft before the 787 is delivered to replace and expand the fleet due in part to Poland being the largest expanding market for air travel in Europe today.

Airline: LOT Polish Airlines, Polskie Linie Lotnicze
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300/ER
Registration: SP-LPA
Release Date:
Units: 408

OK, enough about history and onto the review.

The Pros
I simply do not understand how such a fantastic model is simply never talked about and I'm not just saying that because I have a Polish background.
The model is absolutely fantastic! Period.
The BB400/AC 767 mould used for this model is great and better than any other 767 mould available in the 1:400 scale.
The detail on this model is superb in particular displaying the white eagle, symbol of Warsaw and titles 'Warszawa' on the nose. Small LOT titles and Pratt and Whitney logos are displayed on both engines, 'NO STEP' signs on the wings, Star Alliance logo on the front of the fuselage and Polish writing are clearly shown and these plus many more little details make this model simply irresistible.
Such attention to detail is very welcome as, when compared to the DW 787 release far superior to that half hearted attempt.
The printing on this model is fantastic also with the encircled stork on the tail and billboard titles 'LOT' running down the fuselage are correct, perfect height and correct colour.
And the best thing is that there are no bloody rolling tires on this model which is a plus in itself really.
As with all other AC 767-300s, the quality, detail and final finish/ product is second to none.
Truly a wonderful model to have in a collection!

The Cons
Quite remarkably, there are no real issues nor F%*# Ups with this model the only thing really bugging me is the wing seem but hardly noticeable if at all.
The other unrealistic feature about this model is the silver colour paint used in the interior of the engines.
The landing gear have been crafted well but the main landing gear doors are not the same shape as the 1:1 version but the closest out of the rest of the 767 mould floating around. (DW, PH/GJ, AV400)
But apart from that, nothing else really.

Below are ratings out of 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being excellent.
1: Worst
2: Bad
3: Poor
4: Could be better
5: Satisfactory
6: Average
7: Good
8: Great
9: HOT!
10: Excellent

Mould (Airframe): 9
Detail (Inc. Spoilers, Flaps, Gear bay doors, Cargo Doors): 9
Printing (Accuracy, Colour, Finish, Correct Fonts): 9
Quality (Any Scratches, Chips, Bent Pylons, Finish): 10
Value (Price, Money well spent): 9
Verdict: 9.5/10

Final Verdict
Out of many European airlines in my collection, this is probably my favourite model partly due to my herritage but also due to the fact that this is a fantastic representation of the 1:1 version.
I am very happy that this model was done by AeroClassics and this elegant, svelte girl is quite happily parked next to her Russian sister, TU-154.
If you ever find this model, please buy her not only because the model is quite rare, but because this models elegance and quality should grace anyones collection.
An nice change and escape from the more common European airlines.
Let's see if we get another LOT in the next 9 months.....

Just a note:
I have to use pictures from the database.
My editor keeps freezing up so I cannot edit the size of my photos and post them.

03-02-2008, 05:16 AM
One of my favorite models ;)





Otavio Santos
03-02-2008, 06:39 AM
Despite the fact LOT doesn´t fit in my collection criteria I had to byt this model because she is really stunning. Love this livery even more after Adam´s great review.

Thanks again Adam

03-02-2008, 07:07 AM
I agree also, this model is so stunning. It was one of my first models, and I believe my first Aeroclassics.

03-03-2008, 09:11 PM
I am lucky to have one! It really is a very special livery.

03-03-2008, 09:16 PM
Definately one of the favourites of my collection.

03-26-2008, 12:18 PM
I've been looking for one for a while. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on one please PM me.


03-26-2008, 05:53 PM
I was going to get this model and I changed my mind!, unfortunately shes now sold out from my dealer. Now I kick myself! I'd luv to see a LO 735!

03-28-2008, 05:07 AM
I was going to get this model and I changed my mind!, unfortunately shes now sold out from my dealer. Now I kick myself! I'd luv to see a LO 735!

I gave up and have ordered a custom 735 and 734 to match, plus a 762 for good measure!

03-31-2008, 06:45 AM
I gave up and have ordered a custom 735 and 734 to match, plus a 762 for good measure!

Where can you get custom models?. I could do with some LOT's in my collection. Thanks

08-05-2008, 12:36 PM
I am glad I have this model in my collection as my mother's side of the family is from Poland. I am also glad I have the TU-154 but the 767 is special for I see it all the time here in Toronto. I am kind of hoping Gemini does a LOT 767-200.

Now I hope Gemini will do an A310-300 in TAROM colours so that I can have a representation of Romania where my dad's side of the family is from. I have the TU-154 in TAROM colours.

08-07-2008, 07:57 PM
The other thing that I heard about this model and I am not sure if it is a fact is that the passenger windows are placed a tad too high on the fuselage.

It really is tough to put down this model. It is simply gorgeous and LOT has one of the most elegant and striking liveries out there.