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02-25-2008, 07:33 PM
Please note that this sale has been going on as of February the 1st. We had over 1000 models on sale and the list below is the below is as of today's date.

Greetings to all and welcome to February

We are happy to report that Airplane Replica is 12 years old and to celebrate this occasion we are having our 1st ever gigantic Mega sale. All models from the list below are $12.00 each + appropriate postage depending on total weight and destination. This is not a time limited sale or a scratch and dent sale. All models are brand new and have been inspected for any defects. We have allocated a certain quantity for each item and the sale will last until all quantities are depleted on a 1st come & paid for basis. So if you are fleet building and/or missing some models in your collection, doing some custom work or simply need spare parts, this is the perfect occasion to do so.

Baker's dozen extra special. Some of you might decide to purchase more than 12 models and if you do so, model # 13 and up will further be reduced by another 12% to $10.56. So in other words, the 1st 12 are $12.00 each and anything after that is $10.56 each. The $10.56 price is not on a cumulative purchase basis (In other words, if you purchase 12 today and 12 next week, the 2nd order will be priced at $12.00 each). You must purchase more than 12 at a time to get the Baker's dozen special price.

The models listed below (All 1/400 scale) are not available on our web store, so please if you see a similar model on the store do not order it on-line as you will be charged the regular price. Kindly drop me a note at ve2nw@videotron.ca with your order and your destination and I will send you the total with postage included.

All sales are final, no substitutions are allowed and we will not hold any models pending payment. As indicated above, 1st come & paid for basis. Payments as usual are via Paypal and for our European friends that do not have Paypal we are pleased to offer you the possibility of transferring payments in Euro currency to a bank account in Europe.

Happy hunting and thank you again for your continued support, without all of you none of this would have been possible. So now it is our turn to give back to you what you have given us over the years.


3 Air Canada Tango A320 C-FMEQ 55387
2 Air Do Hokkaido 767-300 Old livery JA-OIHD GJ265
3 Air Tran 737-700 New livery N126AT GJ521
4 Alaska 737-700 N613AS GJ381
4 Alaska L-100 C-130 N9227R GJ527
6 American Airlines DC-6 N90762 GJ534
9 American Airlines 737-800 Retro Polished finish N951AA GJ123
2 American Airlines DC-3 Knoxville NC21798 Aero Classics
5 American Airlines DC-3 Detroit NC17334 Aero Classics
7 American Airlines MD-11 Polished finish N1765B GJ262
4 American Overseas Airlines DC-3 Helsinki N25686 Aero Classics
2 America West 757-200 Coast to Coast livery N902AW GJ227
12 Austrian A320 Star Alliance livery OE-LBR GJ280
2 Boeing Business Jet 737-700 N737BZ GJ375
1 Braniff 707-320B/C Blue N7103 GJ214
8 Condor DC-10-30 Polished finish D-ADQO GJ210
1 Condor DC-10-30 Chrome finish D-ADQO GJ210C
1 Delta C-130 GJ528
1 Delta 757-200 Pink Breast Cancer livery N610DL GJ755
1 Delta 767-200 Spirit of Delta livery N102DA GJ571
10 Delta MD11 Interim Colors N812DE GJ168
8 Delta MD11 Widget livery GJ167
2 EG&G Janet (CIA) 737-200 N5294M GJ474
1 El Al 707-300 4X-ATS GJ196
1 Egypt Air 707 GJ164
2 Fine Air L-1011F N260FA GJ121
3 Hapag Lloyd 737-800 New livery D-AHFF GJ308
2 Iraqi Airway 707-320B/C YI-AGF GJ741
4 Japan Transocean 737-200 JA8366 GJ249
1 Japan TransOcean YS-11 GJ325
2 Jet 2.COM 757-200 G-LSAA GJ702
1 Kuwait Airways 777-200 9K-AOB GJ354
2 Laker Airways Skytrain DC-10-10 G-AZZC GJ177
9 LTU Germany MD-11 D-AERZ GJ232
3 Lufthansa A320 D-AIPB GJ202
4 Malaysia Singapore 707-320B/C 9V-BBA GJ386
2 Monarch DC-10-30 G-DMCA GJ503
2 Nordair Canada DC-3 CF-NAC Aero Classics
4 Northwest 757-300 New Livery N594NW GJ407
1 Pakistan A 310-200 AP-BEU GJ643
9 Planet Airways 727-200 N69742 GJ242
1 Playboy DC-9-32 Aurora 400
9 PSA BAE 146-200 N348PS GJ675
5 PSA DC-9-32 Orange N901AK Aero Classics
3 Pulkovo Aviation TU-154B2 RA-85530 GJ442
2 Sobelair Belgium 737-800 with Winglets OO-VAS GJ369
5 Southwest 737-700 New Mexico 1 N781WN GJ283
6 Sun Country DC-10-15 Old livery N154SY GJ240
4 Swiss Air A 319 HB-IPV GJ235
11 Swiss International A 320 HB-IJP GJ281
4 Swiss International A 330-200 HB-IQC GJ360
1 TACA Peru A 319 N471TA GJ149
4 United Airlines 767-300 Bass livery N647UA GJ448
19 US Air 737-400 Blue tail N785AU Polished metal finish GJ458
1 US Air 767-200 N645US GJ425
7 US Airways PSA Heritage A319 N742PS GJ680
1 US Airways 767-200 Old Colors N655US GJ426
7 Varig MD-11 & Cockpit Video PP-VPL GJ151

02-25-2008, 08:36 PM
Are the above models still avaiable Zareh.

02-25-2008, 09:01 PM
Yes they are as of tonight