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Rules and regulations

- Since we will only release 4 or 5 models in a year, members are required to purchase all of the models. We also on occasion may have an 'optional' model when the subject being released may not be to everyone's taste. In this event, a pass can be made.
- Payment must be made through the Paypal payment service within two weeks, once a notice is emailed to you. Failure to pay on time, will result in expulsion from the club.
- Any model that you receive with 'printing errors' or small errors or blemishes in the finish cannot be returned to us. If the model has a broken part however, a replacement part can be sent out to you.
- In the event we encounter any situation beyond our control, which stops us from making any particular model(s) that we announce, we cannot be held responsible. If payment was sent in for a model that's cancelled or no longer available, a refund will be provided.
- We cannot be held liable for shipping (or factory) delays. Any delay that we become aware of, will be posted in our club forum section.
- Any information given to club members about future, or upcoming releases must be kept confidential. When the time is right for information to be made to non-club members, an official post will be made by one of the Hangar Team Members. Releasing information prior to official release can result in expulsion from club.
- We reserve the right to alter club rules at any time. If we do, a posting will be made to make members aware of any potential changes.

Some FAQ's

Q. So what exactly will this club provide? A. As most of you know, Aeroclassics models in themselves are highly limited, collectable releases. This club is intended to take the collectability to the next level. We will release models that feature variants or hybrid liveries of regular models that Aeroclassics will produce. They will all be limited to 120 units (or less) and as such it maximizes their collectable value.

We know that there are too many releases to keep up with in the hobby, so we will only release 4 or 5 models a year at this point. In the future, this amount may go up, but not by much, as we understand that there is only so much "model money" to go around for most of us.

Q. Club fee? A. As is the case with most clubs of any sort, a small nominal fee is charged for joining the Hangar Model Club. The fee is $10.00 US, but is not a yearly fee, rather a lifetime fee. Once you have paid this entry fee, you can receive models as long as you remain a club member.
Q. So how much will these models cost? A. Most Aeroclassics regular releases, cost between $28 to $35 US. The club models will be within this price range (plus shipping of course).
Q. How much will shipping be? A. Shipping rates will be flat fees based on where you reside. International shipments will be made via uninsured airmail, as insurance for such small packages is not cost-effective that will cost $10.00US and is included in the total owed when purchasing the model. Shipping for North American collectors will be done via insured (and trackable) airmail and will cost $6.00. Models will be shipped in strong corrugated boxes, and packaged with bubble wrap and packing peanuts. This is so that the model should remain intact upon it's arrival to you.  It will also be packed in the same manner as International packages.
Q. How do I pay for the model(s)? A. Payment for any club models will be done using the Paypal online payment service (www.paypal.com). This is the most secure, convenient, and widely used payment service online; hence, we have chosen the service. For those of you who don't know about Paypal, it is a fast and free service to use, and requires only a credit card or bank account. Once you provide your email address for the model club, we  will be send out notification emails that will include a link to make the Paypal payments. But the guaranteed way to be on top of Club news will be to log on to the forum Club section.
Q. When do I pay for the model? A. As mentioned above, we will send out emails when we announce each release. These will be sent out once the models are ready to arrive to the States. You would have 2 weeks to send in your payment. Failure to send payment will result in expulsion from the club.
Q. What about delays? A. As we all know, delays can occur and throw off "arrival dates" that we provide. In the event this happens, a posting will be made in our Club Model Forum section.
Q. Do members have the ability to choose the releases? A. Since this club is for the collectors, we would like (as much as possible) to involve you, the members in what gets released. But unfortunately, this cannot happen for every release, as we have to make our models in co-operation with the manufacturer. In the event that we have more than one model as a choice to release, a poll will be displayed for our members to vote on, in our model club forum section.
Q.  My model arrived damaged - what do I do? A. Even though precautions are taken to prevent models from breaking in the mail, there are those rare exceptions when a model may arrive damaged. In the event a model arrives damaged, please send an email to hangarclub@rogers.net as soon as you can. The most common breakage are the landing gears, in that event, replacement gears will be mailed to you at no cost.
Q. Will these models be sold anywhere else? A. Our goal is to sell these models exclusively through the Hangar Club, so they will NOT be available at any stores/online retailers. You may see some on eBay from time to time, but they will most likely reach high prices that rare models do there.
Q. Can I quit the club? A. Any member wishing to quit the club may do so but the initial entry fee is not refundable. If you wish to re-enter the club at a future time you will be required to pay the entry fee again, IF space is available.

The membership for the club is now filled. If you are interested in being added to our club 'waiting list' please email us.

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