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400 Scale Hangar - History of Dragon Wings

The History Of

Dragon Wings


Started in 1997, Dragon Wings was the first company to start producing 1/400 scale models. Up until then, the best models available were Herpa's 1/500. Their models are have a metal fuselage, plastic wings tail and horizontal stablizers. All of their releases include a plastic stand for displaying the models, with some special releases featuring painted/colorful stands too.

The Early Days

Dragon was basically a pioneer in 1/400 scale models, so they set some of the standards that we see today, including detailed landing gears, printing details, and even different finishes on shiny models (chrome and polished). Their first moulds included the the 747, A320, A330 and A340. After about a year or so, the MD-11 and other moulds were unveiled as well. Many of their first releases are considered "rough around the edges" by today's standards, but they quickly improved.

Above we have the Aeroflot B777-200 (DW55068) and the Pan Am B747-100 (DW55084), but early releases from Dragon. Both are long sold-out and fetch big prices on the aftermarket. Dragon Wings also holds the exclusive Pan American license in this scale.


With Gemini Jets proving to be strong competition to Dragon, they saw the need to improve on their older models, and increase their range of products. This is around 1999 to 2000, when moulds such as the L1011 Tristar, A300 and the 767 were produced.

Pictured above, two of Dragon's best releases - the Japan Airlines B767-200 (DW55298) and the Pan Am A300B4 (DW55197). The 767-200 is still the only one in this scale, while the A300 is only one of two (the other belongs to Herpa Wings).

Awesome Stuff

Around 2000-2001 Dragon unveiled two of the BEST moulds in the business, by releasing their 717 and MD-80 moulds. To this day they are the best and closest reproductions you can find for those airplanes.

Their two best moulds... The Hawaiian Air B717-200 (DW55294) and American Airlines MD-80 (DW55256) in chrome.

Military Stuff

With 2003, Dragon saw the market for 1/400 scale military aircraft to be made. With models of the USAF Airborne Laser, E-3 and KC-10's being released.

And the future looks bright for the 'Dragon', as they have new prop moulds such as the Electra and Connie as well as their good 'ol moulds like the Tristar and MD-80.

Don't these just look cool? Behold, the U.S. Air Force B747-4G4F "YAL-1A" "Airborne Laser" (DW55476) and the U.S. Air Force E-3B Sentry 0407 (DW55606).

Box Art

Dragon Wings most often has pictures of the real airplanes on their boxes, but some just have airlines logos printed on them. Below are some pictures of their box art.

Pictured above, are some of Dragon's box art. On the left, the more standard boxes, on the right, the special twin pack or corporate releases.


So what all moulds does 'The Dragon' have in their arsenal? Almost every major commercial aircraft.

Delta, Delta and Delta. 3 generations of Delta's liveries, all produced by Dragon Wings.
Aerospatiale SST Concorde Boeing 707-320B and E-3/E-6 (Military)
Boeing 717-200 Boeing 727-100/200
Boeing 737-200/300/400/500/700/800/900 Boeing 747-100/200/300/400 and Airborne Laser
Boeing 757-200/300 Boeing 767-200/300/400ER
Boeing 777-200/300/300ER Airbus A310-200/300
Airbus A318/319/320/321 Airbus A330-200/300
Airbus A340-200/300/500/600 Airbus A380-800
Douglas DC-10-10/30 McDonnell Douglas MD-81/82/83/87/90
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Lockheed L1011-100/500
Lockheed L1049/049 Constellation Lockheed L-188 Electra and P-3 (Military)


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