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400 Scale Hangar - History of Aeroclassics

The History Of



Started in 1999 by Andrew Klein, Aeroclassics is a company which (as their name suggests) produces classic, or retro aircraft models. They started off small, but today have become a premier manufacture in 1/400 scale.

The Early Days

Aeroclassics' first releases were hand-made, decaled models, and highly limited runs - with some models being produced in less than 50 units! These releases are dubbed "Generation 1" releases, and fetch large prices on eBay and the aftermarket.

Pictured above, are two of their most early releases. In the right, you see an Eastern Airlines DC-6. In the left, an ultra limited Vickers VC-10. This was Aeroclassics first printed release, but most were melted down due to a lack of quality.

Heading to China

In the beginning of 2002, after producing more than 40 hand-made decaled models, Aeroclassics saw the need to go to the 'next level', by moving production to China. Doing this not only enabled them to produce larger runs, but also reduced the price for consumers, while maintaining the quality. Their first successful printed release, was the Quebecair BAC-111. The first printed releases are dubbed the "Second Generation Aeroclassics", and include the DC-9-10's and BAC-111's

Here we have "Generation Two" models - the DC-9-10, and BAC-111. The above BAC-111 was actually decaled, but most were printed..

Awesome Stuff

By the middle of 2002, Aeroclassics unveiled their first two new "injection moulded" printed models. Unlike any older AC releases, these weren't the "spin-cast" moulding, and did not feature the famous screw at the bottom of the model - they were the SE-210 Caravelle, and Boeing 707-400. These models blew away any and all competition, as they were amazingly realistic, and the livery choices made were unmatched as well.

Pictured above, are two of Aeroclassics' "Third Generation" models, the 707-300/400 and SE-210 Caravelle

The Present

On to the present, we have Aeroclassics revolutionizing the market. They have re-tooled older 'prop' moulds, brought on two Russian models (TU-154 and IL-76), and even made a brand new 707-320B model.

The future holds great promise with more than 20 all brand-new retro moulds in the works! Stuff like the Super VC-10, Comet and Stratocrusier are just the tip of the iceberg for Aeroclassics.

These are Aeroclassics' newest moulds, the 707-320 and L-188 Electra. The props even spin on the Electra!

Box Art

First generation models always came in all white boxes, which had a sticker on the side stating what model was inside. Today though, Aeroclassics has standard boxes for each model type. For example, all 707-320B's, are in one type of box, where as, all BAC-111's are in another. But on more than one occasion, Aeroclassics has made some interesting colorful boxes.

Pictured above, are some of Aeroclassics' boxes. On the left, the generic boxes, on the right, the 'special' ones.


So what retro birds does Aeroclassics have in their arsenal of moulds? Here is a list of their active aircraft.*

From past to present, we have the Braniff BAC-111, and 707-300. Both amazing releases, but very different.
Aerospatiale SE.210 Caravelle Boeing 707-300, 400 and 320B/C
Boeing 727-100 and 200 Boeing 737-200ADV
Boeing 747-100 and 200 Boeing 767-300
Boeing 720B Convair CV-880
Convair CV-990 Douglas DC-3
Douglas DC-8-61, 62 and 63 Douglas DC-9-30, 40 and 50
Fairchild F-27 Ilyushin Li-2
Ilyushin IL-76 (Military, Passenger and A-50 Mainstay)    Lockheed L-188 Electra
Lockheed L1049 Constellation and L-049 Tupolev TU-154B2 and M
* Active refers to moulds that Aeroclassics currently uses. Older moulds such as the VC-10 and DC-9-10 are retired.


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